Save the refugee children who are stuck in European refugee camps

Today (October 27, 2018) I march from Paris to Berlin, making over One Million Steps, in solidarity with refugees, with one very clear goal: To raise awareness about the unaccompanied children who are currently stuck in refugee camps  on EU soil and to ask our EU leaders to give these innocent children asylum and a fair chance at life. Many of these children are held in refugee camps like Camp Moria in Greece.

Most of these children fled war and poverty. Some of them fled after their parents were murdered or because their parents tried to send them to “safety”. The reality is brutal. Many of these children are being raped like the 17 year old Majid Sharifi who came to Europe in the hopes of being reunited with his older brother Sayed, his only family, who has asylum in Germany. After living in Camp Moria for several years he was sent to a Government-run youth centre in Athens where he was raped for several months before he fled again and attempted to commit suicide. Now he lives on the streets of Athens and his story is one of hundreds.

I am making One Million Steps for Majid and all the refugee children who just want to live a normal life. I hope that you join me by signing this petition to tell our leaders: Please give these children asylum so they can live a life in peace and dignity.They are the most vulnerable. I am also marching for human rights, empathy and human equality. We are all the same and we should respect each other.

I am already in touch with dozens of foster families who would give these children a home but the legal framework won’t let them. If we all stand together and raise awareness about their situations then we can make a real change!