We partnered with the video platform TikTok and British rock band QUEEN. Record a 15 second long video to the QUEEN hit song “Is this the world we created…?”, be creative and share it with friends. Downloading the TikTok App is free and fun! When uploading your video make sure you use the Hashtag #InThisTogether and tag the @WeAreTheChildren account.

Some ideas for your video:

    • Create a lip-sync video
    • Film yourself holding up a piece of paper with the lyrics of the song or the Hashtag #InThisTogether
    • Draw something
    • Tell a short story


On 20th March we presented the “Is this the world we created…?” lip-sync music video and our campaign to Members of the European Parliament in Brussels. The event was a major success and we are taking the next political steps to find a path to save the 1,000 children who are currently stuck in Greek refugee camps.

    • Read more, here.


Whilst we are talking to politicians from all EU member states, we need to show that You, the public, cares about the children. That’s why we launched the #InThisTogether campaign in partnership with TikTok.


Sign the petition which has been co-signed by Brian May, Dame Judi Dench, Chris Hadfield and over 10,000 people.