A few weeks ago we launched our #WeAreTheChildren campaign. Our campaign calls upon the relocation of 1000+ unaccompanied child refugees from Greek refugee camps into other neighbouring countries. On 31st January, 2019, a report was published by the “National Centre for Social Solidarity” which confirmed the number of unaccompanied refugee minors in Greece to be at around 3,718. With upcoming EU and national elections and in the spirit of solidarity in the region, we are calling upon you to attend this event and spearhead a moment of hope and positive engagement on the issue of refugees and migration with EU leaders in Brussels.

If you have any questions related to our event at the European Parliament on 20th March then please email grig@wearethechildren.eu You can also join the event in person. Click here for details.

Help us save 1,000 children.

The children fled their war-torn countries and are now stuck in European refugee camps. They receive no education and some of them are being raped. They need our help to have a chance at a normal life.